Angry Snow

I love how classes get canceled after my friends and I get to school. So Cute. So my friend and I are sitting here performing our hobbies. Crocheting and blogging, because were the cool cats on campus, waiting for the other two to get out of English since it began early enough to not be canceled.

Let me just tell you guys a thing, its not even just snowing here. No. Its like a blizzard right now. I mean like I can barely see the trees through the window. When I was walking into the building you could hear the snow violently hitting my jacket and bouncing off.

You can tell that this was not the normal lake effect that we normally get because this snow was angry snow. Like this storm heard everyone complaining about it and getting excited about spring to finally be here and this storm said, “Nope Nope Nope guys I’m coming to ruin your hopes and dreams of spring and I will ruin everything! mwah haha.”

So here we sit on campus and typing away some nonsense out of boredom and extreme tired-ness. God I need some coffee like right now.  I am really really getting sick of this,  I hate being cold so much.


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