Top 5 Pet Peeves!

Everyone has those things in the world that they just can’t stand at all.  I’m sorry if anyone feels differently, but these are some things that just get under my skin. I could probably think of a lot more but five seems like a good number. In no particular order, here is a list of my top 5 Pet Peeves:

  1. When people choose to walk in the road when there is a perfectly fine sidewalk right there. I don’t really know why but it makes me want to scream. Not so much if it’s a neighborhood and there aren’t any sidewalks, like the one I live in, but like a busy road or a road in the city where there are sidewalks for people to safely walk on. I feel like people who blatantly choose to forgo using it and to walk in the road are putting not only themselves in danger but also the people driving. It is not a guarantee that you’re going to be seen, especially in this day in age because when there is so much distracted driving going on.
  2. When people play their music loudly in public. I have no interest in hearing your rap or whatever other crap you’re listening too and I highly doubt anyone else does. That is all. Sorry not sorry. It just bothers me.
  3. When people complain too much. “I’m cold”, “I’m tired”, “I just want to go home”, “I’m so bored”. I mean everyone has their moments where they just need to let it out but no one really wants to hear it at all.  When people complain too excessively, It makes me want to stop caring bout the situation. It just plain unattractive and shows that you have no interest in just living in the moment, or at least in my opinion.
  4. When someone cracks their back, or knuckles, or any of their other bones. I don’t know why but it just sends a shiver down my spine and makes me want to rum away. It is literally my least favorite sound on Earth. Ahhgh.. Just thinking about it makes me uneasy.
  5. When someone holds the door for me but I’m really not that close so they have to wait for me to get to the door. I completely understand that it is happening with good intentions and that they’re just trying to be a nice person but I think that there is a point where its okay to just go in and mind your own business and I will not be offended or anything at all. I can open my own door. If it takes me more than like 5 seconds for me to get the door than you don’t need to waste your time waiting for me to come holding the door unless there’s some kind of emergency and it’ll be locked or something weird.

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