Cannoli Cuppys

Cannoli Cups final product
Something that my boyfriend and I do together for fun is to bake.  I feel like it is something every couple should do together, or even cooking too. One, because its fun, and two, because you are actually working together and communicating to make something to make something. If you are looking for a date idea or something to do for fun, definitely try this recipe together.

Last night we tried something new and made cannoli cups, which I found on Pintrest. (aka my favorite thing ever) you can’t go wrong with this, I mean you’re going to make little baby cute cannolis!

They came out okay but I wasn’t floored over them or anything. There were some things that we would probably change for next time but overall it was successful.  I thought that they were quite good actually. For the dough I just kind of made my own circles with my fingers to put in the pan instead of rolling out the dough like the recipe said to which made the dough a little too thick. Oooops….

Next time I’ll do better I promise. Other than that if you follow the directions  they will come out halfway amazing. 😉

Also, it is about twelve times more delicious if you put them in the refrigerator for a little while before you dig into the final product!


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