Procrastionation Killed the Cat

I hope I am not the only one out there when I say I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. Literally. I have so many projects and such to do that are nearing the due date that I just have not done yet. It is not that I don’t know how to do it (with the exception of this dumb flash assignment) but I just do not even know where to begin. Final projects and final exams suckkk.

It seems like the more I have to do the more and more I want to put off this work. I guess thats how I manage my stress. I just do nothing at all. I shut down and do focus on things I like to do. (like blogging about it hehe) Doing nothing at all until the very last minute is my solution when I have so many things to do what I don’t know where to start. I just don’t. Simple enough right? I think so.

Trouble is “this dumb flash project” is due this week and I barely have anything done at all. I have no will to do it at all. It is just to the point where I am bored of it because we have just been working on it so long and I just no longer care about it. Oooops. Sad thing is that I actually like the class a lot. So pretty much today/night I will finish writing the content and then hopefully tomorrow I will put everything together and everything will be great. Hopefully.

So, what have I been doing all this time while I was procrastinating?

  • Watching New Girl on Netflix –Its it so funny and makes me so happy, I love them all so much. Please watch it if you ever have the chance.
  • Playing 2048 –This smartphone app is beyond addicting. If you were into the whole flappy bird phase, don’t even bother with that anymore because 2048 is ten times more addicting, plus you get to put your strategy skills to the test. Right now this is defiantly my favorite app. Is is basically a game where you have to match the numbers on a base 2 scale, so you’re sort of learning the basics of binary without even realizing it. for example you match two twos and they become a four, fours turn into eights and so on. So yeah, at first its so much fun but then you end up hating your life.
  • Exploring new tags on WordPress — If it is something your have not done yet, look through tags that interest you, I went through some tags including, DIY, recipes, fashion… and I ended up finding not only really interesting posts but also some great new blogs to follow also!
  • Playing with my puppy — because, well why not?
  • Cleaning — This may not seem like a fun thing but it is a great time killer, plus everything is better when things are cleaner!

So, procrastinating is a very bad thing, and your should never do it, but if you do…. consider wasting your time by doing some of the things on the above listy. 🙂


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