My first trip to Starbucks!


So, today was my first time ever inside a Starbucks.  Although there is one inside one of the buildings at school, it doesn’t really count because it just has the basic items there and its just a little stand, yanno? Wow right? I know, what have I been doing all this time?

When I first walked in, it was exactly what I expected, pretty much just a regular coffee shop, with a bunch of hip people sitting at the tables with their laptops doing “important” things, that you aren’t cool enough to know about. As you I walked into through I could feel these people looking up from their laptops and judging me with their eyes, staring at me. I mean probably not, but I in my horrible world where I am constantly thinking the worst case scenario but its whatever. I ordered the first thing that caught my eye and then sat at a too large table with my friend and discussed life.

The whole trip was actually was quite quaint and everything there seemed to be exactly how it should be. Everyone was happily talking or being  productive with their life or drinking their coffee. I don’t know what it is but it didn’t fit the “Starbucks stereotype” I had previously formed in my head of what I thought it would be like there.  I kind of feel bad for it but thats what happens when people all over the world are posting their pictures and sharing their stories and whatnot, you just form an idea in your head I guess. Either way I am happy.

So, I know you guys must be wondering, what did you get?

I got the Mocha Cookie Frappichino,  and let me tell you, it was so so so delicious.

There were crushed cookies on top annnd mixed throughout the entire drink. I would get it everyday, too bad it costs almost $5!

If you frequent Starbucks a lot, what is your favorite drink to order?



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