8 Reasons I love my Kindle


Since there is always this whole debate about whether or not e-readers are worth the money or whether they are good or bad. I decided to tell you why I like my Kindle. I just have the regular Kindle, nothing fancy at all, strictly reading.  Don’t get me wrong through I still like the sweet smell of books and turning the pages, but here are some reasons why having a Kindle or another e-reader is worth it.

  1. It is light weight  -This is awesome because it is not like carrying around huge book,s you can just grab your kindle you you’re good to go.
  2. It is designed ergonomically  –I like the way it is designed, because the placement of the buttons make it really easy to turn the page without even thinking about it when you are engrossed in a book. It is really “reader friendly” because it has one job–to let you read and thats what it does.
  3. You can take as many books with you at a time as you please -Every book that you buy or download goes right onto your kindle so you can essentially carry your entire library around with you for your reading pleasures. So, yanno… thats pretty cool.
  4. It comes with dictionaries -There you are, sitting there reading a wonderful book when you stumble upon a word that you don’t quite know.. what do you do? You can look it up with the built in dictionary! …or you can just look through it for fun, if you’re into that kind of thing hehe
  5. You can highlight and save your favorite quotations -When I am reading along and I find a quote that really speaks to me or something of that nature, it is super east and takes no time al all to simply highlight the quote. By doing this it will save it for you in a list with all of your other favorite “highlights”.
  6. It takes up a small amount of space –Having all of your books in one place (in your kindle) saves so much room especially when you do not have a lot of room to begin with! It is also really nice to be able to throw it in my bag whenever I want it.
  7. Kindle books are cheaper -A lot of the kindle books on Amazon are a lot cheaper than if you were to buy the regular copies of the books, so that it like a win win situation for me!
  8. The e-ink technology makes it really awesome for reading -I don’t know what it is about it but I just REALLY like the screen, click the link to learn more the really cool about the technology.

5 thoughts on “8 Reasons I love my Kindle

  1. I love my Kindle as well. I have a Kindle Fire, but one of the older, less fancy ones and I never use it for the internet or anything except reading. I enjoy the use of my kindle for all the reasons you stated. I especially like that I can highlight passages of a book in one of four different colors and I can also make a note entry. My only complaint is that the battery on my Kindle seems to drain rather quickly. It is probably because the device is old and I need a new one.

    Melissa Sugar

    • My kindly is one of the first ones ever that is basically strictly for reading with the different kind of a screen. I take mine everywhere with me! Thanks for reading:)

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