Ice Cream Friends!

Daily Prompt:  A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

I asked two of my lovely friends this question because A) I was curious what they thought they they would be as an ice cream flavor and B) I needed some inspiration! However, by asking them about said question, something very weird happened. WE ALL TURNED INTO ICE CREAM!

Good or bad? I don’t know, you can choose.. But here we are:

1.) Here we have my first ice cream friend,  a first-class mint ice cream. Churned to perfection with just the right amount of the refreshing unique flavor of mint. But wait this delectable flavor doesn’t stop there, added into this wonderful mix are fudgy chunks of brownies that will leave any person wanting more.

2) Next is my second friend and she has turned into a fine chocolate ice cream. Filled with sweet carmel swirls throughout. BUT WAIT…theres more. Not only do you get carmely swirls and chocolate ice cream, mixed in you get to experience both chocolate chunks AND pecans.

3) Lastly its me, my ice cream self. I am a dark chocolate flavor, a very rich chocolate, nonetheless.  Mixed throughout there is cookie dough and brownie batter, because licking the bowl is the best thing on earth. Here we have the best of both worlds in this ice cream that you cannot stop eating.

And so, the three ice cream friends, which are basically the best flavors ever lived happily ever after.


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