Our Little Love Story



The fact that we even met was fate. The fact that we fell in love was even crazier than that. Here is our little love story for the world to see in honor of our anniversary.

So, there he was sitting in the car with his entire family. (mom, step-father, brother, uncle). On their way to move into a new house. He was not thrilled about this move, none of them really were, This place they were going to wasn’t their dream home, but it was a place and at that point, it was all that really.

The house next door  from me was being renovated so that a new family could move in. There was just a quaint little for rent sign with a phone number in the window, not too big at all. (or at least yet, since the house isn’t exactly move in ready.

As they were driving along, literally to the new house they were going to be living in, his mother (who was driving) saw the sign out of the corner of her eye, slammed on the breaks and pulled into the driveway.  She walked right into the house, into the kitchen, where she knew right then and there that this is the house that she really wanted to live in. She found the woman in the house who they would be renting in from and walked back into the car with the keys.

About a week later I was staring out my bedroom window watching them move in. I remember way too shy at the time to even go outside, I was such an awkward little person, I still am but man, I was so much worse back then.

I really was the girl next door.

It started off really boring. Maybe we would say hello in passing or whatever and then slowly but surly we became friends and we would hang out on the porch and talk or do whatever random things we thought would be fun. Slowly it felt like we were becoming more than friends. We stayed up later, were together much more often, looked for reasons to be together, he would hold my hand.

Finally I said yes to being his girlfriend. It took him three tries but he never gave up and I love him so much for that. I was just so afraid if something were to happen I would lose my best friend and I couldn’t handle it, I still wouldn’t be able to handle it but he showed me that he is here to stay. I love him so much. He is my best friend, the one person I can tell anything to,  who I can be my complete self around. Who I can be super weird around and instead of laughing at me (okay maybe laughing at me) or judging me, we will join right in. He knows how to make me laugh.

We have had that from the beginning and every single day it still gets better. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to have someone that makes her so happy everyday.

It has been three years today. I am so happy to have gotten to spend that time with him and for many years to come too!


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