Frogs in a Hole


Here is a twist on the classic eggs and toast. I made this for breakfast and thought that it was both different and unique. My best friend taught me how to make this soso long ago (like middle school age!) and have loved them ever since! Haha, and don’t even ask about the name, I have no idea why it is called “frogs in a hole” at all. There are probable other variations of the name, but I have never heard them!

To begin with, you will only need a few things!IMG_1500

  • Eggs (I made 2)
  • Bread
  • Butter (for the pan)
  • A small cup or knife to cut a hole into each slice of bread

First, you need to take your bread and cut a hole into the bread with your cup. Using a small cup is the easiest and quickest way to do it. If you want to get really fancy you can cut shapes into the bread with a knife or even use a cookie cutter!

One time when I was making these for my boyfriend I made hearts in the bread and he thought it was adorable! (maybe yours will thinks so too 😉 )

Anyways, once you have done this step, throw those little guys into the toaster!

IMG_1501Turn your stove onto medium heat and butter up your frying pan so that the bread won’t stick.

Place the bread into the pan and then crack the egg right into that hole!

Let the egg cook for a few minutes on each side. When it is finished cooking arrange on a plate and enjoy! Feel free to season with salt and pepper if you want to.

There you have it, a yummy breakfast in a matter of minutes! Yay! 😀


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