30 Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are this little things that happen in life that are just wonderful. Most of these “simple pleasures” come into our lives free or cost very little. These are the types of things that put you in a better mood or just make you happy. The best thing is that they are so simple that usually it is not something you think about often, but they are things to be grateful.

Here ifs a list of my favorite simple pleasures throughout daily life:

  1. Sleeping on fresh sheets out of the dryer
  2. when someone does something nice for you
  3. silence
  4. star gazing
  5. coffee
  6. warm showers
  7. telling a joke that people actually laugh at
  8. sleeping in late
  9. getting lost in a good book
  10. receiving a compliment
  11. finding money in old clothes
  12. taking pictures
  13. playing with puppies
  14. having a good hair day
  15. feeling a cool breeze on a hot day
  16. the feeling after working out
  17. afternoon naps
  18. road trips
  19. freshly painted nails
  20. long walks
  21. binge watching netflix
  22. pretty flowers
  23. tiramissu (my favorite dessert)
  24. puns
  25. baking something yummy
  26. wearing a hoodie on an autumn day
  27. fresh squeezed lemonade
  28. acting like a little kid
  29. learning something new
  30. campfires

These kinds of little things are what we should be thankful for more often. What are some of your simple pleasures?


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