Salt and Sunshine



I fell in love with the ocean.

The waves. 

The sand. 

The absolute perfect weather.

The boardwalk and the smell of treats everywhere you turn.

The sun turning my skin golden brown.

Even the worst things I loved.

That horrid salt taste that burns your throat when water finds its way into your nose and mouth. 

The waves crashing you into your body and onto the ocean floor, pushing and pulling you around. 

I fell in love.



The ocean was like nothing like anything else that I have experienced I loved it so much, I am all ready yearning for the day I get to be back there. If I could I would live there. It makes me wish that I was one of those awesome people who loves by the coast and could just go to the beach whenever they wanted to and learn how to surf and swim and tan and wander around boardwalks. Ahhh  whatta life that would be.

I was so happy there. So happy. I just wish it could have been longer.

I am willed with wanderlust. I just have this urge inside me to get away from here. Wanderlusting for the freedom of the ocean and the vastness it beholds.



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