First Week of Fall Semester

Hey guys! Most of you all ready know that college has started this past week for most schools. Even though part of me wishes I could be at the beach longer, I was so excited to be back to school. I love learning and I am taking classes this semester that I actually want to be knowledgable in do that is  super exciting. Even though there have only been a few days so far, I feel so excited about this semester because it makes me feel like I actually can be successful in my future career.

Most of you know from my post last week(ish) that I had to miss the first two days of school. I felt so bad for missing those days because I feel like those are most important days since they set the tine for the rest of the year. I don’t think that it ended up being such a huge deal since I figured everything out and obviously not THAT much happened.

There is a small part of me that just feels nervous about whatever may happen because I am a “worst case scenario-ist ” (especially according to my boyfriend). Other than that, –which is usually always in the back of my mind, I am feeling really optimistic about this semester.

I like most of the people who are around me too which makes everything better, especially my two bestest friends!

I am taking hard yet interesting classes this semester. I’m taking three computer classes(which are 4 credits) and another “regular” class.

I’m taking Networking, which I feel like is the bain of my existence, I took it last year and god a D, so I’m taking it again because that is not cutting it and even though I struggle so much with it and no matter what I can’t seem to grasp and be as successful as I want to be in that class, I just cannot. I plan on studying a lot more that I normally do for this class because, even though is isn’t really a higher level class, I feel like a guppy in a room full of sharks when I am sitting in that classroom.

Advanced web servers is super fun and exciting, well for at me at least because thats what I want to do with my life. Its basically web design but we are focusing on php and sql and all that server side stuff. I am all about this class, plus my professor is really nice so that’s a plus!

Systems analysis is kind of cool. I like my professor and classmates and the material is really relevant and inspiring for my future career. We all ready have a group project and the way my professor is talking it seems like there is going to be quite a few throughout the semester so I mean thats cool. I used to hate group projects because I’m more of an independent person but I have grown to like them.

Marketing is cool and I have all ready learned a lot, Even things that could be relevant to this blog and just life in general. This class is in one of those big lecture halls and I am not really a fan of that, being on those kinds of classrooms makes me feel not as important. I don’t know if  that sounds weird but yeah.

So yeah, school is going to be pretty decent. This is what I will be up to for the next few months in case you were wondering ;). Hope everyone who has started college or school or is about to has a wonderful year!


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