College Pet Peeves

Since school has been going on for over a month for me, I have experienced some things that are just really annoying about college.. but really just school in general. These things for whatever reason just get under my skin and bother me so much.

  1. When someone walks into a classroom and sits in a different seat than normal, even though there aren’t assigned seats. If that person site in your seat and then you’re forced to sit in someone else’s seat and the entire scheme of the class gets all fucked up and it is super annoying.
  2. When someone tries to be nice and holds the door open for you, but you are not even close to the door so you have to do hat little half run thing to get the door because you don’t want them to be waiting for you too long.
  3. That one person in class who doesn’t quite pick up the material as fast and has to keep asking questions and ends up holding up the class. I’m all for asking questions in class if you aren’t sure about something, but it gets to a point where you are holding everyone else up who wants to actually learn this stuff. Maybe go to office hours if you’re struggling that much? I don’t know man I am just sick of waiting around for that one person.
  4. People who insist on walking on the left. We were taught to walk on the RIGHT side of the hallway since like kindergarten! It is not that hard and it makes everything so much easier, I don’t need these random people bumping into me as I am trying to get to class.
  5. Professors who couldn’t care less about what they are teaching. As a whole, I am so willing to learn the material so you should be willing to teach. If you don’t care why should I? (that being said, one of my favorite things ever are passionate professors)
  6. Those groups of people who are super loud all the time. You know, those people who feel it is necessary to scream every thing they say…ugh and sometimes you’re just not up for that kind of thing.
  7. When professors don’t follow their syllabus. I thought they made those for reasons.. but there’s usually that one who just does whatever they feel like
One of the awesome things about my school, the awesome view!
One of the awesome things about my school, the awesome view!


If there is anything else that bothers you that you can think of, let me know in the comments below. I would love to read them!


3 thoughts on “College Pet Peeves

  1. That view is beautiful, is that the ocean behind it? I WISH. But I literally relate to every single one of those annoying college situations. Especially 1 & 2, I totally understand the whole seating scheme lmao, it really does get thrown off by that one person! The struggles.

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