Dear readers who love Tori as much as I do

Oh my goodiness this girl is so sweet like i can’t even.

Hello fellow readers, this is one of Tori’s friends and college buddy Terra! In all honesty i just wanted to use Toris cute little laptop since i have a bigger bulkier one and i always thought her keyboard was so quaint.

However i’m also here to put your minds at ease. You see it’s very easy for someone to type away and put on a false face about themselves, i’m here to tell you that Toris blog is EXACTLY like her personallity. She’s not faking being excited about certain things, shes not a creepy old stalker man. She is a pure heart who pours her soul into her writtings. So remember, Tori is as sweet as honey, and everything she types she means.

Hope you believe in Tori alot more!! i’m sure she’d love to know and read your blogs too!

-Her friend how is literally sitting right next to her, Terra


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