Procrationation and Time Management

Day 3.

I told myself that I wouldn’t write a post until I finished my marketing homework, and I did so here I am!

So, last semester I made a post called Procrastination Killed the Cat.  Basically everything in it is still true today. I still am putting off the things I don’e feel like doing because I feel like doing something else (or nothing at all). If you read that post there was also a list of “fun” things that I liked to do while procrastinating. Those also still remain true today.

I am here today to tell you that although this whole procrastination thing is still a struggle, I have vastly improved my time management since last semester.

I am no longer putting things off until the VERY last minute anymore. I have a few tips for you guys to improve your time management skills.

  • IMG_1883Have a planner and actually use it. I just use the one my college gives us because well, they’re free. It is really important to write everything down in it and reference it daily.
  • Write down when quizzes/exams are. This is important to remind yourself what is going on that day. Also jot down when you plan on studying for said quiz/exam prior to that date.
  • Each day write down homework or assignments that you need to get done. This one seems really obvious but its so easy to forget about something until the last minute, writing it down really helps your brain to remember tasks that need to be completed.
  • Highlight things that you finished. Just the act of actually highlighting makes you feel so accomplished. Visually being able to see the things that you finish makes you feel so much more productive and motivates you to get another thing crossed off the list. (for me at least) Seeing the colorful highlighters at the end of the week feels so good to know you finished the things.
  •  Make deals with yourself. I had a reading and questions to go along with it assigned for marketing like two and a half weeks ago and haven’t done it until today, because it is due tomorrow. This morning I told myself that I wasn’t going to do anything blog related (because I’m a nerd and love it so much its so time consuming) until this marketing was done. Here I am, marketing is finished and I am making a post and having a snacky. Jolly good time!  Point being is that had I not done this, I would have been up super late scrambling to get those questions done. Now I can go he rest of the night not worrying about it. …..Just that IP Addressing sheet, that one is east though, so its a non-issue 😉

Hopefully these work for you guys, I found that these work for me quite well. This isn’t just for high school or college students either. You can do this with anything that you just feel needs to get done whether is is work stuff or just a bunch of errands that need to get done.  😀


4 thoughts on “Procrationation and Time Management

  1. Haha I literally do the first four things you listed. I always write down everything and highlight things when I’m done; it keeps me focused and organized and I have major OCD so it’s really helpful in that case too lol. Planners save lives.

  2. I make deals with myself ALL THE TIME. That’s the most fun part. I am a very organized person and I still do it. It’s a good tactic! Also, I love lists – I make little boxes and when I check things off, or cross them off – I feel so accomplished. You can also look back and feel good about everything you got done. Great job!!!

  3. Stopping by from the NaBloPoMo blogroll. Awesome tips. Making deals with yourself works great. I always hated the tiny little planners that came free from school so I bought a nice, big, pretty one. Plus, I have terrible handwriting so I can’t write very small! But having a snazzy planner helped me to use it and stick to my plan. I still do this now that I’m out of school. 🙂

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