Why All College Students Should Vote Today

Happy NaBloPoMo Day 4.

I originally was planning to do a different post today, I might do it later or just push it to tomorrow but well see how the rest of the day goes but I think that this is important.

I was in my marketing lecture and my professor was talking about how important it is to vote.

I just wanted to share with you guys what he said.

  1. He talked about how literally people have given their lives to be able to vote. He said that it is doing a disservice to everything that had happened in history and we should take advantage of our rights. Especially the women.
  2. He also said that it is really important for college students to vote because the government does a lot to keep college students from voting. For example, you have to fill out am absentee form if you live further away from home. Also, you have to have a driver license or something life that in order to vote. If you go to school in another state that you’re from they won’t accept your college ID to vote, you would have to get a license or something from the DMV. My professor said that this is a thing that happens because the government wants to limit college students voting since they have a different/new way of seeing the world. They are not ready for that kind of change and a shift of perceptive.  Our generation has a lot more power that we even realize.

I don’t really want to get into politics but it is important to think about issues that are not only important to you now, like equal wages for women but also the things that will affect you into the future like health care.

I really didn’t know any of that, especially #2. I think that it is important for college students to vote if they can. Defiantly get out there because you have no right to complain about what happens if you choose not to even have a say in the outcome. Democracy is one of the greatest reasons that make this country so great.



One thought on “Why All College Students Should Vote Today

  1. I had basically made up my mind to not go vote today because I have no time and I feel like I would make uneducated decisions. But where there’s a rebellion, I’m there. You’re right, it’s extremely important for us to bring change into the world we’re growing up in. Dinosaurs are afraid of change, even when the change is necessary. I’ll try to make it to a voting place today!

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