Old School Fangirling

Day 5.

My friend and I were talking and somehow we got to the topic of music from we were younger. Before we knew it we were freaking out like little girls watching Aaron Carter music videos.

I remember my ten year old awkward self jumping on my bed and singing into my hairbrush to his CD. Guys, I was really really cool.  Listening to his music brought back so many memories. I still remember all of the words to the songs! My friend and I were talking and then we realized something, Justin Bieber is basically the  modern day Aaron Carter, as much as you would hate to admit it, its true.

If you remember fangirling to him before fangirling was even a thing, you’re awesome.Treat yo self and have a listen:

And also, can’t forget about Jesse McCartney.

How do you sleep, and Leavin and Beautiful Soul were pretty much my life. I’m sure there’s more too but those were my favorites. (I’m listening to them right now tehe)

FF – Fun Fact of the Day: Did you know that Jesse McCartney was in a movie?  He was actually in a bunch of movies, but I didn’t know that until recently!

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “Keith” and it was so super cute and starred Jesse  and I loved it probably more than I should have. I defiantly recommend watching it if you need a movie to watch or ever get bored.

It’s one of those love story teen movies but with a twist. For some reason I really got into it and thought that it was really good and one of the cutest movies that I have seen in a long time.

Let me know you were obsessed with during your childhood / preteens in the comments below! I think it would be really fun to read about.

Hope you all have an amazing day. Happy Nablopomo ❤





2 thoughts on “Old School Fangirling

  1. Oh my gosh ahahahaha, music videos have come a long way since that Aaron Carter video was made! LOL. He was so little there; I remember fan-girling over him too. Him, Britney Spears (the good ol’ days Britney Spears), NSYNC, Backstreet Boys.. Those were the days lmao.
    I also saw Keith on Netflix! I had noooo idea Jesse McCartney acted until I stumbled upon it. It wasn’t my favorite movie though, he wasn’t too good of an actor in my opinion.
    Great post! Took me back to the early 2000s haha!

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