Weird Dream..

Day 7.

IMG_1647Horray! It is Friday.

We made it through yet another long week.

I feel so exhausted, maybe its because I haven’t had my coffee yet and its almost nine thirty, or maybe its because of the super weird dreams I had last night. Probably both. I. Need. Coffee.

I dreamt about so many weird things. The highlight was that I was in this weird place and I a saw this man beating a child with a pipe halfway to death, the man noticed me noticing him and started running toward me with the pipe, it was so weird because I was running as fast as I could and he was always right behind me no matter where I turned. Like for some reason he really wanted to kill me. It was also the kind of dream where you’re running and running and theres all of these “obstacles” in your path.  Like as I am running theres these things that I have to climb over, go around, crawl through, figure out how to open this door where you have to solve a puzzle for it to open.

So much other stuff happened too but I don’t remember enough to tell you guys. I wish I did because I think that it is so interesting to talk about dreams. Eventually, I willed myself to wake up somehow, looked at the time and somehow, it was like seven minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. So I mean thats good, but ever since then I have been in a really weird kind of a mood.

Now I am at school waiting for my class to start and I wanted to blog now since my battery is low on my laptop and I didn’t know if I would have a chance to later.

Do you ever get weird dreams? What do you think mine means?


5 thoughts on “Weird Dream..

  1. I always have realty bizarre dreams. I wish I knew what they meant! But it’s almost impossible to interpret dreams in this day and age because of all the mental stimulation we receive on a daily basis and so many different interpretations. I still believe there’s a strong connection to dream meanings though. I want to be able to lucid dream properly, that would be awesome. I’ve had some kind of lucid dream before but the ability to lead yourself into it would be cool.

    • I definatly think that dreams mean something, that it is your unconsious trying to communicate with the mind, but its so hard to find the meanings a lot od the time. Ive never had a lucid dream before iI feel luke it would be really cool though. Dreams and the whole psycology behind it are so facinating!

      • I agree they mean something, it’s just hard to interpret them these days. So many interpretations are open to all different kinds of things. I was once having consistent dreams of car crashes so I looked it up and it said I was either having a personality clash with a close friend, or I was going to have a car crash! Luckily those dreams have passed and I didn’t have a car crash (touch wood) but still, very much open to vast interpretations. It’s definitely a psychological thing, I’d love to undergo brain/sleep tests someday as sometimes my dreams are just that far fetched – yet can also feel ridiculously real.

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