Date Night

Day 8.

Last night my boyfriend and I went to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, which has been awarded the best BBQ in America. We think its funny because it is in New York. But anyways it was a really good time and the food was really awesome.

We were originally planning on going to a movie after because I have been wanting to see gone girl for a while now but it got too late and we were too tied by that time anyways so I guess that was fine.

It was packed like sardines in there when we first got there. It was a 45 minute wait since it is first come first serve. We waited and it really wasn’t that bad of a wait especially since we knew it would be worth it and we were together. While we were waiting, we were standing outside and this guy comes up to us and asked if this place was really that good, because they weren’t from around here and we found out that he had a group of 20 Australians visiting for the first time and we  convinces them all to wait even though their wait would be super long.

When we sat it was so great because that meant that we were that much closer to eating and I was starving.

Everywhere around us where people wrote their names in marker or even carved it into the wood.


When we were waiting for our food we carved our names into the table, because were cool kids. We have a few other ones in other places in the restaurant from the other times we have gone but now we have this one too!


We both ended up getting a beef brisket sandwich with bacon and melted swiss (called the BBS) and macaroni and cheese on the side. I wanted to take a picture for you guys but I was just too hungry and dug right in, that and my phone was dead.  Let me tell you guys, it was so delicious.!


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