My Major

Day 10.

So I am sitting in a chair in my living room in a chair that is hurting my back typing this post for you guys because my bed is currently covered in clean clothes waiting patiently to be folded and put away, but I am not about that life right now.

School is going pretty well through my eyes at least through my eyes right now. Advising is this week so hopefully either tomorrow or Wednesday I will meet with my advisor to talk about what I need to do in order to graduate next semester. There is something that is both stressful and exciting about registering for classes don’t know what it is but I like it so much.

I know that I have one more class to go but I have a feeling that I might need another.I could have been able to done this semester but two of those classes met at the same exact time and had just that one time slot opened.  I ended up working out because with the classes I have now, there is a lot on my plate and I don’t know if I would have been able to do it.

Somehow, it came up in conversation today about how I am not graduating this semester but will be graduating in the spring and my mom acted so surprised. It had been a little while ago now, but my mom and I have talked about it and my plans surrounding that and it was made pretty clear by my so I was really surprised when she was so surprised and baffled. I explained it to her again, but it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and should have finished sooner, but that’s life. I have never failed a class in my entire life or anything like that, I just have another year of studying to go since I changed my major halfway through.

To be honest, I really don’t think that  my mom really understands my major really even is. In fact, I don’t think any of my family does. My mom asked me what I was studying today because I guess someone at her work was asking about it and she wasn’t sure so she said “Web Design”. That is totally fine, and basically what I love doing but my major is so much more than that, but I am glad that she knows the gist of it.

My actual major is called Computer Information Systems (CIS) specializing in Web Technology. Within the CIS programs there are four areas of specialization in which you choose from to have a deeper knowledge in. There is Web Technology, Programming, Networking, and the other one is like a tech support where you become familiar with hardware and software. I forgot what that one is called but thats okay because did not go that way.

We learn all about computers but in Web Technology it is all about coding (HTML and CSS) and scripting (javascript, php and mysql).  We learn all about the clients and server administration  and database management. There is obviously a lot more to is and that is so over simplified, but you get the point. (hopefully) Basically I am just stoked to graduate and find a job in the field because it is something I love to do. That feeling you get when your code isn’t working and you go over and over and then get it to work finally is the best feeling ever. It just makes me really happy coding a website and visually getting to see what you did it makes me feel so accomplished. I find it so full-filling.

Changing my major was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I think that could be a whole other post. But if you’re thinking about changing yours because you’re not academically happy, then do it.  There is nothing more important than loving what you are learning because that will lead to loving what you will do and then loving your life on a whole other level. Also, even more importantly, never do down a path just because someone (family member, friend) thinks you should. It is your life and you are the driver.



5 thoughts on “My Major

  1. You perfectly explained the confusing thrill of enrolling in classes, lol. It’s so frustrating but I literally look forward to it every semester. Don’t worry about graduating a semester late; it really won’t make much of a difference, just more fun time in college! You’ll have less of a workload and a lot more free time in the spring! No big deal, don’t stress it. Congrats on almost being done with college though! I’ll be graduating next fall 😀 The excitement is real. I’m glad you found a major you love; that’s all that matters.

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