Swinging through Life

Nablopomo Day 13.

Ewww. It’s snowing outside!

The other day was so abnormally beautiful and now its snowing. Which is probably why I was just stricken with a cold. Probably like a half hour ago I just spontaneously had a sneezing attack and my nose has been stuffed ever since. So, like that’s pretty cool. My sinuses cannot handle when the weather changes drastically like this at all.

Let’s rewind to like three days ago. (Monday) It was an uncharacteristically beautiful day for this time of year in central New York. 70 degrees and sunny. After school my two friends and I decided to walk along the Erie Canal.


We walked for about a mile and then we crossed a bridge to the other side of the canal and THERE WERE SWINGS. Even better, there were three of them, perfect! We each claimed one.



It was so much fun. The three of us were laughing and swinging so high as we were channeling our inner eight year old selves. It has probably been a good 10 years since I have swung like that. Swinging was the thing that I would do during recess in elementary school I would  run to the swings and go at it the entire time.  These swings were awesome because they were really tall so that my feet couldn’t even touch the ground. If you are like me and hadn’t done much hardcore swinging since your childhood, it is a lot of work. I forgot how much effort it takes to pump your legs to get up really high.

Moral of the story is that as you grow up, you forget to enjoy the little things in life. For me in my childhood swinging was one of them.

Never forget about your inner child. No matter how busy you get or how much work there is to do or how much “adult things” need to get done, never forget about your inner child. They are the ones who give you a sense of fun, creativity and adventure in life!


3 thoughts on “Swinging through Life

  1. Omigosh swinging was so much fuuun!! I’m so glad that even our inner child selves liked each other. (have u ever thought of that? would u still be friends with your friends if u were 8 again?) any way fun fact; SWINGING HURTS!!!! maybe it was because my size 16 butt couldn’t fit in the size 3 seat…, but Tori aint lying when she said it takes alotta effort. i could barely walk the canal back to the parking lot where we started!!! just goes to show, don’t loose touch with your inner self. let the 8 year old out and run, jump, skin your knee, and swing higher and higher. ~Turra~

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