Nablopomo Day 14.

A lot of you guys probably all ready know this because it is something that I talked about it in a recent post about my major.  I am currently studying Computer Information Systems and specializing in Web Technology.

I saw this video yesterday and thought it was so inspiring. I think that every girl should watch this because even if you’re not in the technology field, it is so good to be reminded that you REALLY CAN do anything you want and you shouldn’t feel less worthy of it because you’re a girl.

Even though I am twenty now, and am almost done with my degree I still remember my first time coding and I loved it so much. I have always loved computers and taking the classes that my school offered that revolved around computers. As a requirement, everyone had to take this computer class where you learned “keyboarding” even though at that point in life I wasn’t good at typing at all and then we also learned about the basics of hardware and software. We used Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access and all of that jazz. I ended up taking it my first semester to get it out of the way but I ended up liking quite a bit. I continued on and took a class called Business Communications where I became Microsoft Certified. Which makes me feel more awesome than it should, but it looks good on resume.

In 11th grade, I took a web design class and I LOVED it so much. We learned HTML and CSS and made websites. I felt so powerful. It helped a lot that my teacher was super awesome and enthusiastic. I don’t even know how to put it into words, but putting code together to get the computer to do something is so exciting. After that class I went on to take a college level course in my senior year. It basically build on what we all ready knew. It makes you realize how powerful computers are. This is pretty much why I love what I am doing now.

Looping back to the topic of the video, there have been times where I thought that I would never be good enough in this field because there weren’t many girls even really interested in coding. Even now in college I have yet to be in a technology class with more than four girls in it. Just let that sink in, that is not a lot at all. I think it is really sad that this is such a make dominated field.

Something that I worry about in the future is getting a job for the right reasons. I would be so disappointed to find out that I was hired because I am a “pretty girl”.  I want to be hired because I am capable and good at that I do. Honestly, I am worried about sexism in the workplace.

Is that really something a girl should worry about? Probably not.

I thought the video was really empowering though, and I hope you thought so too.


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