On Worrying

Nablopomo Day 16.

I made this picture about a week ago and have been meaning to post it for you guys but the time has never seemed right. To be honest it is because I DO worry, all the time. Every day I am worrying about something or stressing about something that isn’t even important.

monsterMy boyfriend says that I am a “worst case scenario-ist” but I think that I am just a super anxious person. I worry and worry and worry sometimes it is crippling and there is just nothing I can do about it. There are times where I make myself sick and work myself up so much about a certain thing and it is not fun at all. The worst part is that a lot of the time I can’t even explain what is wrong with me, just the fact that I am anxious and feel sick. I have never even thought about actually being diagnosed with anxiety, but there’s a part of me that thinks I have it like for real.

So yeah, life is too short to worry, but guess what? A lot of us do anyway. It is not really something that helps. Quotes like that rarely help people in my opinion. “Life is too short to worry” doesn’t help at all if anything it makes it worse. It makes me think that I am doing everything wrong and I need to re-evaluate my life. Maybe I do but that is not the point. It is basically the same thing as telling someone with depression to “be happy”. It won’t magically make them feel better, it will most likely make them feel worse.



3 thoughts on “On Worrying

  1. I have navigated life one worry at a time, knowing it was pointless to worry about things I had no control over and, with age, I still worry but I have learnt to become more discriminating on what I worry about. Somehow it’s a happy balance that works for me.

    Tori if i’ve learned anything from being your friend it’s that yes, you can be an anxious person. But when you look at our little group you’ve chosen to be your friends (i don’t know why. u could do much better :P) we all are anxious people (like u said) but the person who can calm u down the most is you. Your right, i could dish out all the “cheer up”s and “it’ll get better”s i want but when it comes down to it the only person with the right words is yourself. you gotta remember that u can always come to us with your problems and we’re always here, but your best friend, and i mean your BEST friend, is always going to be yourself. so ask yourself, how can i make this better? You’ll have the answer :3 -Terra

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