Next Semester, Questions and Panera!

Nablopomo Day 19.

I am completely all registered for my classes. I am happy and relieved about it but I am also super stressed and anxious about it at the same time.

I am excited about about the classes and the actual learning part but the whole getting through it part is worry some because my classes are only offered at an obscure times so actually attending could be a rough time.  I am really not a fan of nor having classes in the afternoon, I would much rather have them in the morning. Who knows man. It is something that I am just really concerned about.

I also have to find an internship so that I can get some actual real life experience. I am really stressed about finding a good place to intern and liking what I do. Being an intern sounds like it would be really exciting but being afraid of the unknown is really scary to me.


On a different note, do you guys ever play the question game?

Someone asks an obscure question and we go around the table spilling our answers.

I am playing it with my friends right now aha having some real talk time while I am skipping my class because I am a rebel. All of the lectures are posted online so I should be okay. Fun times, fuuun times.

Even though were all friends, there is always something new to learn.

In a little bit we are going to Panera. Yummy! Panera has the best hot chocolate in the world! It is sooo goood! They even put chocolate chip marshmallows in it!

Focusing on the present is so much easier than worrying about the future.


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