Nablopomo Day 20.

We are off to a horrid start. I don’t really want to get too much into it but my marketing professor made me cry today and I am so riled. It wasn’t like sad crying or anything it was like I am so angry and I’m shaking and theres stupid tears coming out of my eyes and I can’t help it kind of crying, it wasn’t obvious or anything through. I am was so riled about it. I have an exam soon for networking and I am feeling optimistic about it I studied and took the optional practice quiz and everything! Normally when I feel confident like this I end up failing but well see! It is my bestest friends birthday, so later I will be celebrating it with her. I am so happy to get to see her because we don’t really get to see enough of each other anymore. So, there’s your small update about what is going on in my day. (not that anyone cares)


Anyways, I am here today to tell you guys about this chocolate I got from the bookstore on campus. I think that they probably sell them at a bunch of other places too but that is where I got mine.

What caught my eye us the packaging. I thought that it is really super cute! And owls!

IMG_1917This is caffeinated chocolate my friends. My two favorite things in one! It tastes just like chocolate and it actually does give me SO MUCH energy. It comes with 4 squares and each one of the squares is equal to one cup of coffee, energy wise. I had two yesterday and I was good to go! I gave one to my friend and then I had the last one this morning. Just the one I ate today woke me up and gave me the energy to study and write this post! Yay!

I wouldn’t recommend eating all four of the pieces unless you’re feeling like a zombie because just eating one or two is good enough for me.

AND GUESS WHAT! The back has a really cute little paragraph about what it does and what you are able to do after eating each amount!



If you have seen this around and thought about trying it but you weren’t quite sure, do yourself a favor and just buy one and see because I thought they were super good and a great replacement for coffee.


One thought on “Awake!

  1. AAUUUGHHHH! your dumb marketing professor!! What a waste of a life form…. i’m sorry about that Tori but u know u gotta stay positive!!!!1!! think of rainbows and awake bars and life will be okay. i’ll see u at college tomorrowwww 🙂 Hang in there girly~ Ur friend Turra

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