Nablopomo Day 23.

Daily Prompt: What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

Stories are what makes the world go around. They are where we have learned our history. And now today, it is one of the greatest forms of entertainment. No matter what the medium, music, books, movies, television, or through people we know, all of them demand to be told.

I think the one thing that makes a person a  good story  teller is the ability to grasp someone’s attention and hold it for the entire length of the story. A story is nothing if no one wants to hear it. As sad as that is, its the truth.

I love telling stories but I have never thought that I was very good at them. Especially when I was younger I would tell them all the time. They would either be things that have actually happened or something that is totally ridiculous. For whatever reason I liked to tell them to people. I even had an idea for a novel and I started to write it but gave up because as a child my attention span was just not big enough to write out an entire novel at eight years old. So I moved on.

It was about these kids who were playing in a forrest and ended up finding this crop circle thing where aliens have landed. The kids didn’t see anything or anyone there except for the ship and a few really weird rocks. They were glowing and changing colors. Naturally, the kids wanted those rocks, so they took them and ran away.  The rocks had a curse attached to them that took away all of the adults in the world when a kid had it in their possession. At first this is super fun and awesome but after a while they have to solve the mystery behind the rocks in order to get their world back to normal.

I know, it sounds super dumb but I tried writing about it for whatever reason.

But anyways, I would much rather listen to other people’s stories than tell my own. Of corse I do have my fair share of stories to tell, but I am much more of a listener to the stories of the people around me.


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