Paper Towns: The Movie!

NabloPoMo Day 24.

As you guys may have read around last weekish in my “3 Books I recommend” post, Paper towns may be one of my favorite books ever of all time. It is becoming a movie and I am so excited for it to come out. I need to see it and I am hoping that it is everything that the book is.

It is scheduled to be released June 19, 2015. AWESOME. That is soo close to me birthday. I may see that as a birthday gift then. Thanks, John Green. I couldn’t really tell you what it was about the book that made me love it so much but there was something about it that just spoke to me and gave me all of the feels.

First if you guys aren’t aware, John  Green and his brother have a youtube channel together called vlogbrothers and they talk about so much random stuff. There is a lot of really cool things and there are also thing on the channel that are about what is going on in their life. There is a lot of nerd fighter stuff too. And DFTBA! (Don’t forget to be awesome)

After you watch the video below go ahead and watch some more from vlogbrothers because I like them a lot!

John Green posted a video about Paper Towns a few weeks ago about the filming and the casting. There wasn’t too much that he was able to share with us but he seemed so stoked about the book coming to life. He also seemed to be really pleased with the scripting and the casting. He said that they all fit the part and understand the characters very well so that is super exciting. If John Green os on board then that means is has to be a success!

Have a look for yourself!


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