Mini “novel”

Nablopomo Day 25.

I am so sorry about posting so late. I almost lost nablopomo! wahhhh.

Something that my boyfriend and I do if we haven’t seen each other in a little while or haven’t gotten a chance to talk much that day is that we send each other “novels” about what we did that day. We include little details or things that we really liked or hated or wanted to share about what we went through. Today I though I will write you guys a baby “novel” about my day.

It is around eleven o’clock right now. I just haven’t gotten around to posting today. Last night I had an emotional breakdown, everything finally because so much and I couldn’t handle it so this morning was pretty rough getting ready, there were bags under my eyes and I felt like a zombie walking around getting ready. One awesome thing is that yesterday my friends and I went to the mall and I got this really super cute panda shirt and today I wore it and I love it so much!

Most of my day was pretty blah other than that. I do have the most awesome friend though because when we were in the car this morning she gave me an elephant beanie baby to play with in the car because she knows I love elephantes. I went to marketing and it was horrible, it was so boring and I am really not a fan of my professor after what happened last week and the kids in there are just really disrespectful. After class I wasn’t feeling up to networking so I just went home. I was so hungry and luckily there was some beef stew left overs from the other night that my mom made. I ate that up and it was pretty good. I then started season three of vampire diaries and read some posts on wordpress. Eventually, I ended up falling asleep and didn’t wake up until around 4:30, which is when my boyfriend gets out of work so he picked me up on his way home.

We hung out and had fun like usual. He showed me Bo Burnham and watched his. I defiantly recommend checking him out because he is super funny.  That’s something we like to do when we stay in. Watch stand up comedy. It is so much fun. After that I drove around the city for a while with him and such and stopped at Wendy’s because french fries. And now I am home and am scrambling with a “novel” post so that I am still technically doing nablopomo.

There have been so many times where I have wanted to give up on it but I really want to get through it because I am never successful at things like this and I think that this is really good for me to do. I think blogging every single day this month has helped be become a better blogger and also has been a lot of fun. (for the most part) I love sharing my life with you guys and I hope I am not too boring for you to read.


p.s. After I hit the publish button, WordPress told me that this was my 100th post! I wish I had a much better post for it but I didn’t even know until just now. I just thought that it was super exciting so I wanted to come back to share with you guys!

Have a Halfway Amazing night loves!


4 thoughts on “Mini “novel”

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love the idea of writing “novels” to your significant other. If I ever get in a relationship again, I’ll have to bring that up.

  2. Woohoo 100! That’s awesome! I also love/hate NaBloPoMo. I think it’s been really good for me but I feel like I’m totally running out of readable things to say…. mini-novels is adorable, though. 🙂

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