Black Friday Thoughts

Nablopomo Day 26.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Everyone!

My mom came home from work early today with groceries and stuff for pies. Today we are baking 2 apple pies and one pumpkin. I begged for another pumpkin because it is my favorite but apple wins.  Tomorrow we are going to my aunts house for dinner so it should be a good time, I haven’t seen a lot of my family in a while.

Today, on the Eve of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share my thoughts on Black Friday.

I have always thought that it was called “Black Friday” because as morbid as is seems, I thought that it was because people were risking their lives to go out in the craziness to catch the “best” sales of the year. Even though people get hurt and even trampled to death in the process for some reason Black Friday is still a thing and so that’s why in my mind I though that it was called black Friday.

The actual reason however, as some of you may or may not know is that it is because it is the kick off to the holiday shopping season! For most businesses up until this point in the calendar year, they are in the red meaning that in their accounting books they are not making enough money to earn a profit. Black Friday is that time of year where businesses are finally able to come out of the red and into the black. From Black Friday, all the way through the end of the year most of these businesses are making a profit, a lot of the time, enough of a profit to float them through the rest of the year until the next time black Friday rolls around.

Taking this into consideration, this could be why every year the gimmicks and sales seem to be more and more in your face. They want to make sure that the customers keep coming back because the most important thing for these business owners is to get out of the red and into the black. Every year they even open up earlier and earlier, to the point that it is encroaching upon Thanksgiving because of how eager these businesses are.

I personally am not one for black Friday shopping I don’t think that the sales and the crowds and the late nights / going shopping on Thanksgiving is worth it. Especially since black Friday isn’t even the day you’re saving the most money, there is just impeccable marketing and we as consumers buy into it.

Whether is it because tradition and something we have always done or the thrill of getting that new tablet for only $99 it is something that our society will continue to embrace now and into the future.  Knowing the reason why it exists is defiantly more enlightening though, knowing in the back of your mind that it is helping the economy may give some peace of mind in the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Black Friday Thoughts

  1. I am so jealous of Black Friday! We never get sales like that in Ireland. In fact, we never get deals like you can get in America full stop! I always stock up on clothes and electronic items whenever I’m stateside 🙂 happy thanksgiving eve! xx

  2. I participated in Black Friday like two years ago; but I didn’t pull an all-nighter or anything, I went to the mall at noon. Honestly, the deals aren’t as great as you expect them to be. The stores are a mess from people throwing everything everywhere and it’s a hassle to find something you want. Honestly, I just wait for Cyber Monday and get my shopping done then. No people, and I can do it in my bed 😀

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