DIY: Gifts for Boyfriend!



Over the years, I have made so many things for my boyfriend that are super cute and creative and loving. And every time he really surprised and impressed by the things I make. Today I am going to share some DIY Gifts for your boyfriend that you can make for him. This will be our 4th Christmas together so there are a bunch of awesomely thoughtful ideas!

These could really be for anyone you care about but yeah, lets get into it!

  • Put Together A Scrapbook – All you have to do is buy a scrapbook from your local craft store, print some pictures and add some words about why you love them so much and your favorite memories! This will show him how much you value your memories and the time you spent together.


  • Open When Letters – These letters are really fun to do and will give them a chance to read something from you whenever they want. You can make as many as you want but the more the merrier! The ideas for the letters are endless. Some ideas for them are open when:
    • You’re happy
    • Its your birthday
    • You feel like giving up
    • You need a laugh
    • You want some date ideas
    • You want togo down memory lane
    • For some more ideas click here.


  • 52 Reasons Why I Love You – I gave this one to my boyfriend on his birthday and it blew him away. He couldn’t believe that I could think of 52 reasons, but it really isn’t that hard. I don’t have a picture of the one I made unfortunately but basically all you do is to get a deck of cards and on each of the cards, write a reason why you love them on it! Mine didn’t look as good as this, (sorry Joey) because I just wrote directly on my cards, but this one shows you how to make them.
  • An Adorable Card – If these seem like too much work, you can never go wrong with making a heartfelt card.



I think that these are all really awesome and Joey loved them a lot. Making something and showing how much you care is such a better gesture than spending tons of money on a gift. (of corse you can do that too!) For them to see that you have spent so much time making something will make them really happy and grateful too!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Gifts for Boyfriend!

  1. ….dat top hat duck….. is so goddamn STUNNING! these ideas are so adorable. How do u find the best things Tori? well at least i’ll be prepared when (and if) i ever find a boyfriend 😛 stay halfway fabulous Tori <33

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