Stress Relief Day!

As you guys may know/empathize with the amount of stress that I have been going through all last week and this week coming up. So this week I came to school with my two friends to study while their went to class because I feel more productive on campus than at home. My last actual class ended on Thursday but I still have tons to do.

So I worked on my website today in the library while my friend was in class. She met us after class and as we were leaving one of the ladies in the library showed us that there was free hot chocolate and puppies!  It was so awesome.

The hot chocolate was such an awesome surprise and it just hit the spot. It was perfect for the chilly day too.


There was this whole area in the library dedicated to doggies so anyone could just come right on it and be happy and pet them and feel better about everything. It was so great it made me way too happy. Even though I have my own puppy for my petting pleasure whenever I want, the fact that there was a room full of doggies waiting for you to pet them is a pretty awesome feeling.

Look how happy Marley is!


And then we found out that there was massages and an oxygen bar in the next building over.

Firstly, the messages were super relaxing and felt so good. There were a bunch of different kinds. There was one where you lay down on a yoga mat and then put your feet on a a thing that wiggles them around and it basically makes you feel like you are a mermaid exploring the sea. Especially because they even give you headphones with relaxing ocean sounds playing on them. And then there was like a full body messager that you laid down on like a bed and it rolled up and down your body.


So, the oxygen bar was super cool.

Tori, what’s an oxygen bar?

It is a really awesome thing where you sit down (like a bar) and put those tubes in your nose and you breathe in oxygen. There are tons of different flavors that you get to turn on and off too. Each of the flavors had a different “benefit” than came along with it, like “cheerfulness” and “energizing”. I don’t know if it was just in my head of whatever but those worked because I was in such an awesome mood!


Guys, I may have been oxygen high, if that is even a thing. hehe

Apparently there are actual places where you can go out to an oxygen bar, but I haven’t heard of it today. It was so much fun. I would like to find one that is nearby to try out it would be something new and fun to do!

So yeah, I had a pretty spontaneously relaxing day at school and had a lot of fun! Does your school do anything cool like this to help with stress during finals?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about them! 🙂

Hope you all have a Halfway Amazing week and do well on your finals!


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