End of Semester: Bad News Good News

Bad News and Good News.

Bad news first to  get it over with..

I wish I could be here writing this telling you that I successfully finished this semester, however, I am in a  little situation.  I spent the entire week studying for networking. Yesterday was the exam and I was so stressed out but I think that I ended up doing okay, but when I went to submit the exam (it is taken on a website online) there was a session timeout and my exam may or may not have been submitted. During that time my professor wasn’t there and there was another teacher there subbing for the final. She emailed my professor and told her what happened and now I may have to come up to the campus to do the exam again. I am so baffled how this even happens and I really hope that it doesn’t have to come to taking the exam all over again. I really really don’t want to have to come back up to campus let alone do the exam all over again. I mean, I will if that’s what I have to do I just don’t understand why things can’t ever just work out for me just for once, there’s always something. I have tried so hard in this class and I just want to do well. I studies so much more than I normally would for any other class. It is just that extra stress in the back of my mind when I should be relieved about finally being done with semester and being able to enjoy Christmas time. Echh, sucks to suck I guess and things just happen. I just wish it didn’t.

Good News!

I had my presentation for systems analysis today and I thought it went really well. I was pretty nervous about it but it ended up going pretty well for the most part. This was one of my favorite classes I liked the material and my class mates were cool and I thought that I got really lucky with my group mates. I am usually paranoid when I get group projects the people won’t do anything or there will be some horrible situation but I got a pretty good team. Also, I got a pretty awesome grade on that website so that’s pretty cool too.

I am just ready for this semester to be over, it has been so long and I have worked so hard to do my best and I need it to pay off. I am just so stressed out still and knowing that there is nothing that I can do about it isn’t fun at all.

Okay I’m sorry guys, I know I sound so whiny right now and that must be annoying but I feel like I am crumbling from all of this stress accumulating over the past week.


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