Christmas Eve Traditions


As much as I would hate to say this I have to admit it…. The closer it gets to Christmas, the less Christmas Spirit I feel like I have. Hopefully it changes soon, but right now I just feel so blahh. I basically have like no will to even get anything done, maybe talking (writing) about it will help.

So tomorrow, AKA Christmas Eve, I am planning on going to my Nono and Nona’s house (my dad’s parents/my grandparents) and I am taking my boyfriend along with me for the first time. Normally there is my dad his fiancee and her son and my three brothers and my aunt and her fiancee and my three cousins. So, it is kind of a houseful if you keep track of it all.

I am not really sure how it is going to go or anything like that, especially since I didn’t go last year since my father and I aren’t on the greatest terms in the world right now.

(He has always been an absent parent who refused to call me or anything like that so I am not enthusiastic about him being ing my life anymore, I have finally just accepted it as a fact, but that’s for a different time, I still want to have an amazing time since I love everyone there so much.)

I am just really apprehensive as a whole for it since I haven’t seen anyone there is over a year or how it is going to go, plus I am bringing my boyfriend over there for the first time. I think it will be good for him to get to meet everyone especially since we have been together for a while now and I know they will all like him.

Anyways, I think that it is a good thing that I am going and will hopefully be a great night. Being Italian, Nona prepares an amazing dinner (feast!) for everyone basically all day long and it is delicious.

The Feast of the Seven Fish 

This is an Italian tradition where basically tons of seafood is prepared. I am not really a huge seafood fan so I just stick to the pasta and nibble on come calamari because it is my favorite. For more about the menu to get a feel of the yummy food I will get to have click here. Obviously, each family has their own different things that they do and there are tons of fish variations to have but I thought that this one is a pretty good source.

Oh, and my Nono makes his own wine and it is the best wine ever, I am pretty excited to have some. Perks of being Italian 😉


Normally after dinner we will open presents from “Santa” and then call it a night.

Meanwhile at home, my mom is hosting a wonderful party full of her side of the family she does this every year and it is always so much. I stayed home last year so that I could be a part of this party and I just really wanted to hang out with my mom’s awesome side of the family. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to come home early enough to be able to join this party too!

So that is going to be my Christmas Eve. Do you guys have any stellar Christmas plans?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Traditions

  1. I had no idea you were Italian! That is so cool! I took Italian for four years in high school, I remember the feast of the seven fish thing. Your Christmas Eve dinner (and every other dinner) must be delicious. I hope everything goes well for you 🙂

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