Wonderful Christmas Time!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all has a wonderful Christmas.

Mine really surpassed any any expectations that I had at all. It was so lovely and I am so blessed that there are so many people in my life that truly love me. I really loved getting to spend so much time with my family especially the ones whom I haven’t seen in a while.

Christmas Eve also went awesomely well in my last post I shared with you guys my Italian Christmas Eve Traditions. In that post I also talked about how I was a little apprehensive about going there since it had been so long since I had gone. Although it was a tiny bit awkward when we got there, it was totally fine once we settled in and started dinner.

One thing that really surprised me was how much Joey loved it there. I knew that he would like my family because they are awesome people but he really like had a blast. He knew that I was Italian but I don’t think he was prepared for the amount of delicious food and the homemade wine and how my grandparents, aunt and dad all spoke Italian at the table to each other. Not all the time or anything like that just when they had something to say that would have been easier to understand in Italian or something I guess but yeah.

After dinner we all sat around in the living room and opened presents. Joey got a present which he was so shocked and happy about, he opened a huge thing of lindt chocolates and was so happy. I mostly got cards with money inside from my family members, nothing too extravagant except for my Nona got me a new purse that I really Love a lot. I was so surprised by it and happy too that she somehow knew exactly (I can be pretty picky when it comes to purses) what I would have liked it was great.

It was so cute how happy my family made Joey, especially in the car ride after in the way home. Yesterday he even downloaded Duolingo so that he could learn Italian and be able to talk to them.

The last little thing that I have to say about that night is that my dad wrote me a letter..

Basically it was about how sorry he is for not being around for me all this time and how bad he feels about it and that he wants my around more often and how proud of the person I have become and that kind of stuff. I was really happy that he wrote it and he realized how wrong he is and how much he has hurt me in the past without really even realizing it but I am 20 now and he kind of missed out on my most of my childhood. I think that I will be willing to try to go over there more often if he does too. That’s only fair right?

As for Christmas I had a really good time at home with my family. They all really liked what I got for them. I got my parents a frame with pictures in it and my mom was almost crying, she ended up hanging it up in the dining room. My mom was really awesome as far as presents went. (Santa) I got a much of things that I has forgotten then I had even wanted. Like, it was the kind of thing where in passing I was like it would be so cool the have so and so, and three months later it came for Christmas. One of those things was a Miiir water bottle and a pair of toms(I got the boots). Both of these were things that I asked for in passing and was SO happy about getting. I talking about these in a previous post, Gifts that give back. The Miir bottle is really awesome because it comes with a little bracelet with a code on it where you can type in the code and your email and then within a few months it will send you information about the impact that your specific purchase has made. I think that it is really awesome.

A few other things I got include stuff from bath and body, a new backpack and matching laptop case, and a few things from Garage. Garage is this new store that just came to my mall and I am obsessed with it. Like, every single thing in there is basically my style! Go look for yourself and check it out online for yourself.

I am always so thankful for  everything on Christmas and I just love it so much. There is always this magical feeling all around and it is something I can’t explain but whatever that is I love it. I think that part of it comes from the fact that growing up we didn’t have that much money at all so I never really expected anything fantastic “Santa” but somehow he always came and always brought exactly what I wanted even though I never asked for much. That feeling your seven year old self creeps down the stairs and peeks around the corner to see if Santa came, that magical feeling that feels like anything can happen is important. I think that it is important to carry that with you even as grow up.


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