Goodbye 2014: A Look Back


I have been meaning to write an “end of the year” sort of post but for some reason it has been hard to put everything into words of what I wanted to say or how I even wanted to compose it. I am finally sitting down and doing it so here we go.

Firstly, I just wanted to say that a lot can happen in a year! This year was good bad and ugly all around. Some of my favorite memories happened in this year that I will cherish forever. There were really high highs and some lows in there too, but that’s life I guess.

This year, I learned so much throughout two  semesters of college and feel even more in love with my major and what I am studying to do for the rest of my life. I had amazing times with my friends. I went to the ocean for the first time and fell in love with it and cried when I met the Pandas in Washington DC.  I have also realized even more how much I love my boyfriend and am thankful to have him in my life. I embraced a new hobby, photography and had so much fun taking pictures of my adventures.

And for some crazy reason I had the idea to start a blog to write about whatever I wanted and I fucking did and I followed though with this crazy idea and I made it happen. The fact that I am even typing this is a pretty big deal and I think that starting this blog is up there on one of the best things I have ever done because not only do I get to talk to all of you wonderful people, I have also gained a new hobby (ech, I hate that word)  and learned so much about myself in the process.

I have also struggled in a way too, thinking way too much really hurts me in the long run, more times than not I am riddled with anxiety that I can hardly control and I think that takes a toll on me. And for whatever reason everyone around me asks everyday what I am going to do with my life and wonders why I don’t have everything on order yet and jobs lined up when I get out of college, is that even a thing that people do? That alone is stressful.  There were a bunch of other “setbacks” but I think that it is best to focus on the good. I believe its the only way to more forward.

Knowing in the back of my mind that 2015 is going to be a super big year for me and I am stoked to wipe clean this year and start fresh. There is so much in store for me and I can’t wait to see what happens.


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