Hello There, 2015



I had such a fun time last night. I wouldn’t have wanted to end 2014 any other way, with all of my favorite people and a drink in my hand. It was great.

It is finally here. This my friends, is quite possibly going to be the biggest most important year of my life. Well, I man if everything goes right which I am optimistic it will. I know everyone and their mother is writing a new year post buy hey, I’ll join the madness too.

I have been thinking about this year for a while now and it makes me not only anxious but excited too. This is the year where I grow up and actually have to do more “adult things” (ewww gross). It won’t all be gross though it will be fun and there will be adventures and memories along the way too!

This year, things are going to happen for me. I am finally going to graduate college, find an internship(s) and gain as much real life experience as I possibly can. With any luck at all in the world I will find a job I am in love with and be the happiest girl in the world. I would love nothing more than to sit in my little cubicle and code and work on websites ugh it is going to be so much fun.

Waking up everyday and being excited to go to work is one of my main goals in life because it is so rare these days for people to be truly happy with what they are doing and I really want that for myself. And how crazy is it that you get to be doing really awesome things everyday, but you’re also getting paid?! šŸ˜®

Once that happens I am going to try my best to save as much as possible and start thinking about my own apartment. (probably not until the almost 2016 part of the year, if that depending on how things go).

I don’t know which age people normally are when they move away from home but I feel like I am ready and as long as I am financially stable there shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, my by then by boyfriend and I will have been together for four years and it is something that we have been talking about. I love the whole idea of decorating and grocery shopping and cooking but being completely responsible for myself without my family or anyone. At this point it is just something we like to think about but it would be so cool to make it a reality.

This is also the year that I turn 21. I am stoked for it. I can’t wait to be able to go out to eat and order a drink with my dinner, or even go the bar with Joey or even my friends too since their birthdays are right after mine. It is going to be so much fun. Not only is the whole drinking age fun, but for whatever dumb assĀ reason you have to be 21 to go to comedy clubs. I can’t wait to go I love stand up comedy so much. I got to go once at the casino because that one you only had to be 18, but I am stoked to be able to go to funny bone and others. That’s pretty Ā much what I would love to do to celebrate by birthday this year!

Some other fun things I would love to do this year (not necessarily resolutions) include:

  • Chopping off my hair and donating it, and then maybe give it a cool new style?
  • Make new friends (at school and my future internships, if thats even how it works?)
  • Get a domain name and grow my blog
  • Go on a road trippy adventure, maybe see the ocean again, pleaseee!
  • Teach myself Java or maybe another programming language, I want to know alllll the languages!


  • Attempt the 2015 reading challenge:




There is probably more but who knows! My favorite memories/ experiences are the spontaneous ones. You know, those kind of days where you wake up and have nothing in mind of how your day is going to go but these crazy awesome things end up happening. I want to try my best to have more of those.

Wellp, I hope you guys have a halfway amazing year, I can’t wait to share mine with you and to read all about your amazing years too! ā¤


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