Post Novel Depression

You know that feeling where you this really amazing book that took you on a journey with these deep characters and it was so great like you weren’t really in the real world but like on a mini-vacation and it was so great?

But then all of a sudden, its all over and you just kind of sit there for a few minutes and then finally, you’re like wait, that’s it, its over?

You go back and re-read the last few chapters just to be sure that you didn’t miss any crucial details and then you finally realize that that’s it and there’s nothing you can do about it but just sit there and be happy that those you got to be a part of the story.

You just kind of sit there all alone with your finished book as  you realize that it is time to move on.

But how could there possibly be anything else that could ever possibly compare? Since each and every one is unique and different.

Finally you just kind of walk around the quiet house as you realize that the rest of the world is happening without even the slightest idea what you just went through a literally adventure.

How sad is that?

There are people all around you that will never even think about reading that book, let alone any book ever in the near future. Do they even know what they are missing out on?

Probably Not.


3 thoughts on “Post Novel Depression

  1. Yessss I totally agree! It’s so depressing when you finish a book or series of books and realize that there’s no more of it; it’s over. It feels so real when you’re reading through a story and then you finish it and you’re back to reality. Definitely sucks, haha!

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