Meet Sophie & The Furry Friend Tag!

I have talked about her a bunch of times but I have never really have done a post about her which is super weird since she is by best friend and literally the best pup in the entire world (I might be a tad bit biased hehe).

I found the furry friend tag and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use it as an opportunity for you guys to get to know my doggy, plus I thought that it was a different and unique fun taggy thing to do too! (especially since the fun question tag has been popular lately)





What is the name of your pet?


What breed is your pet?

Sophie is a Cavapoo, AKA King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix. Which is really awesome because that makes me not allergic to her since she’s hypoallergenic.

How long have you had your pet friend?

Next month it will have been two years since we got her.

How did you get your pet?

A lady my dad works with was asking around is anyone was interested in getting a new puppy because her daughter’s dog just had a litter and since we just moved into a new house back then, my dad looked into it. We ended up going over there (they lived in the middle of no where) and meeting all the puppies, it was so great. We met Sophie and fell in love with her, she needed to be a member of the family. We like to say that she chose us because she was the first one to walk right up to us and snuggle.



How old is your pet?

She just turned Two yesterday! (January 5th)

What are some quirky things about her personality?

She is really playful and will bring toys right up to you and IMG_0415beg to play. She can also be really lazy too! She loves to snuggle so much she will fit herself in your negative space and sprawl out so that she can be pet. She loves to cuddle and be pet and basically just have attention as a whole.

A thing that I think is super funny is that she fully embraces the whole “dogs carrying sticks around” thing. She is the first dog I have met that actually does that. We will go on a walk and find a stick that she likes and will carry it all the way back home and then sit in the year and chew on it. She will even drag a branch along with her back home even though it is half IMG_1488the size as her. It is funny because I have caught people in their cars driving by laughing/smiling at her.

And she has this spot on top of the couch that lines up with the windowsill and she loves to sit there and look out the window and watch the people and dogs walking around the neighborhood. She also barks at them too which can get annoying, especially at night but is also cute at times too, like in the middle of the day.




What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

Basically everything. She is my best friend and the most loyal doggy I know I am so grateful that she came into our life. In my eyes she really is the best dog in the world. And she is super cool! 😉


What are some of your favorite past times with  your pet?

It would have to be snuggles in the mornings and going on walks with her. Except when it is the middle of winter, like right now because I HATE the cold. She loves walks and just being outside so much!IMG_0479

What are some nicknames that you call your pet?

Soph, SopherNuggins, Nuggins, Nuggin, Nugs, Pretty, Good Girl, Coffeemug (because it sounds like sophernug and she came running one day and it was funny so it kind of stuck)




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