Time for a Bloggy Change: New Name!

Hi guys!

It is kind of a little late but I have been doing some thinking about this blog and wanted to fill you guys in!

It has been almost a year (March 2014) I started this blog, and honestly it has been one of the best decisions for me. I remember for whatever reason last March the thought of blogging lingering in the back of my mind. A few days passed and it was still something that seemed like something that I wanted to do. So, one random day, I wasn’t planning on starting a blog that day but I did. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and for a while I loved my name and the way it looked. While the appearance has evolved over the months of blogging, my name has not.

I want to do a full on blog makeover. 

Over the past (almost) year I have grown and learned about myself but at the same time I no longer feel “halfway amazing” fits me anymore. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I want to be passionate about this blog and by doing so I need to be all about it including the title.

The new title is going to be tori story. So, if you see my name in your reader or anywhere like that, just remember its me Tori, aka Halfway Amazing, just new and improved! 

I like this name because its cute and catchy and easy to remember. But I also like it because it has a cute little story behind it too! Well first, my name is tori and I used to like to tell stories (like, I would stretch the truth to make it more interesting because I thought that was more fun) a lot especially back when I was younger. One day my best friends little brother called me Tori Story and for whatever reason it stuck. This was wayy back in middle school but I still like it and feel like it suits me well, because well a blog really is just a bunch of little “stories”.

I really hope you guys like the new look and feel but it will probably be done by tomorrow where it is all done.

I guess this is one of those new year kind of things that I am actually doing like for real.



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