Sometimes I think that I have a problem, especially because it happens way more than it probably does for a normal person. (what even is a normal person? I dunno man)

I get these migraines ranging from once every few weeks to multiple times per week and it is exhausting to say the least.

The sensitivity to light hurts my eyes and the sensitivity to sounds, especially if they are sudden made me shudder in pain. Plus a lot of the time the nausea makes me not want to eat or drink anything but half the time I try to anyways because I know it might help, especially because I don’t drink nearly enough. (I have been trying to drink a lot more though, I even got a water bottle for Christmas)

Sorry for the horrible quality

Basically all I want to do on nights like this is lay in my dark room and hope for sleep. I keep the screens on my laptop and my phone and completely dim all the time because it burns my eyes, is that normal?

Its not fun at all because it is so painful and pretty much takes away anything that I even considered wanting to do. Plus, it puts me in a horrible mood. I feel helpless all the time because of it and especially unproductive.

So yeah that’s basically my life right now.

If you are like me and suffer from migraines, here are a few pro-tips to help make them more manageable:

~DRINK WATER OR GATORADE drink up all of that water as if there were evil mermaids and the fate of everyone you knew depended on it and drinking all of the water so they didn’t have anywhere to swim was the key to survival  drinking water can help a lot because you might be on the verge of dehydration also if gatorade is available drink that too, the electrolytes in it help tons with hydration

~SLEEP -sleeping is one of the only things that help me and most of the time by the time I wake up I feel so much better, one time in philosophy class I was having a migraine that day and apparently I fell asleep and woke up right before it ended feeling revived! – don’t sleep in class tho hehe

~EAT SOMETHING SWEET -sometimes migraines can come from low blood sugar so eating a treat can help my friend told me to do this once and it actually helped me (even if this doesn’t work it will help your mood 😉 )

Hope these tips help for you if you are anything like me and are a sufferer-er-er of migraines!


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