If We Were Having Coffee…


I would spend too much time venting to you about all of the things that will happen this semester and the stresses going through my head.

I will tell you about the networking situation and how I have to study all over again so that I can maybe possibly re-take it so that I can have a grade it the class that I took last semester and so that I can apply to my scholarship so that I can pay for this semester.

I will tell you all of these super awesome things that I plan on doing this semester like building a portfolio of my “work”, finding volunteer opportunities and internships, yes, internships how exciting . I will tell you about these computer jobs that I keep hearing about that are hiring and that soon I will have the job of my dreams and it is going to be so great and exciting.  I will finally graduate and achieve my goals and move into “adulthood”.

I will tell you all of those things because for the past month that is what I have been telling myself, but the closer and closer it gets to school starting, the more and more I realize that is shit. Of course I will try to do all of that and I want to, but in reality I won’t.

You will probably well me how exciting that it is and how great for me and that I went into the right field of study or something like that.

“Thanks, but really at the end of the day, I am here because it is something that I like to do and how great would it be to have fun everyday at work?” Is what I would reply and it is absolutely true. I really do like what I am doing right now for the most part if everything goes well.

I’ll ask you how things with you are going. And I will listen because if I am having coffee with you then I really do care about you and your life. I know that you are a successful human being and they you’re only going to go higher and higher.

I’ll ask you what you will be doing after this semester, not because that is the standard question that everyone asks but because I just want to know because I care and support you and I know that you will do great things and I want to be a part of it.

I will then thank you for listening to me because I needed a friend to vent to and I haven’t had one in quite a while and that this time has been really weird for me lately.


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