The Journey

I am anxious about so many things tonight and classes starting tomorrow isn’t helping anything at all.

Anxiety sucks. I have pretty much self diagnosed myself with it not too long ago (yes, I know that is a thing that isn’t good to do at all, but I pretty much fit the bill in all areas to the point where it affects my daily life).

I do my best to stay productive and do things that I enjoy but I find it so hard. I am trying so much. There are tons of things that I hope to accomplish this semester and I feel like it is a feasible thing to hope for and I am going to do my best.

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worth the trip.

-Glen Beck

I saw this quote on Tumblr and it inspired me to even write this post. Because I am worth the trip. I am choosing to tell myself right now that I am worth the trip. And you know what? I am on a hell of a trip not only this semester but my whole life.

I have goals and even though a lot the time they seem impossible I will try my hardest to obtain them because at the end of the day they aren’t that hard or scary or as far-fetched as they seem and that is pretty spectacular.

Just thinking about a life where I have everything I ever wanted doesn’t see that far away at this point in my anymore. It can be pretty scary but at the same time is pretty amazing too.

This semester I am going to focus on optimism. There is always going to be so much for me to worry about but there are also so many things I can learn about and be a part of that and I need to learn how to embrace those opportunities in better way.

This entire life is a journey but this chapter of my life is going to be quite the adventure.


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