What I’m Listening To: American Beauty/American Psycho

I have been geeking out over Fall Out Boy’s new Album for weeks but since it is finally was officially released today I thought that I would tell the world about how happy the songs make me.

Centuries has been out and playing on the radio for quite a while and a bunch of the others were on youtube. I listened those SO much.

There are so many good songs on there I am literally cannot. (sorry for that but I’m can’t even can’t evening) Please click the link and watch the video if you don’t know the reference so I don’t sound like an asshole haha.

I have loved Fall Out Boy since like middle school/ high school but ever since I went to the concert this past summer, my live for them has been amplified. As much as I LOVE their older songs, the ones I grew up listening to I have to admit that their new songs are really good.

That pretty much sums up everything that I need to say about them but yeah pretty much just listen to the new album and it is going to be awesome. My favorite song right on American Beauty/ American Psycho is Uma Thurman, even though a lot of them are catchy and good.

Here is a sneak peek!


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