College Study Tips!

So, I just finished my first week of the semester and it went pretty well for the most part. Luckily my classes only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am really happy with them, I think that this is going to be a good semester, although I know that it is going to be a lot of work.


You guys might remember me talking about it before, but last semester the worst case scenario happened in my networking class. For the final exam,, which is taken online, apparently didn’t get submitted. I was stressed about the entire winter break wondering what the deal with it is and if I was even going to have a grade (I currently have an I for incomplete). On the first day of classes this week, I tracked down my professor and asked her what we were going to do about it and she said I’d have to re-take the exam. We scheduled it for next Friday, which is awesome because I will be able to have some time to study all over again.

I kept all of my notes and studied a lot this week and plan on studying my ass of leading up to my next exam. There is still so much for me to do.

I was given a second chance to pass this horrid test and I am going to do my best to be ready to pass it this time. It is so important to me than I do well on this test and I am stressed to the max about it.

Here are some things I am doing/ plan on doing to study:

  • Read over the chapters/ notes – Reading through the material, especially if it has been a while since you learned it will refresh your brain and help you remember if it was something challenging or difficult to remember. This is a good starting point because it will help you know where you stand.
  • Highlight important information – The bright colors will help catch your eye and make you go over it more deeper.
    • If your teacher says something along the lines of ” This is going to be one the test” highlight that sucker, and maybe even put some start around it too!
    • If you get a quiz back and get something wrong, go back and find it in your notes (or add it in if it is something that you missed) and then highlight it, chances are it will be on the final and it is good to remember for the future
  • Make flash cards – I don’t like making these at all to be honest, but actually doing it and going over them really helps you to remember the terms. It really does.
    • If you aren’t a fan of making the flash cards, but want the benefits of memorizing the terms head on over to, I have used this site a lot in the past and it is really helpful.
      • pssssst… a lot of the time they use the exact same questions that are on exams, if your professor isn’t creative and uses the questions from the book!
  • Bribe yourself – A lot of the time I end up telling myself “Okay, if you study for thirty more minutes, you can get a treat” It’s good to have something to look forward to after all of your hard work!
  • YouTube! – Lookup videos on YouTube if there is a topic you don’t understand.  There will be a person on there to explain it in a new way that might make a lot more sense to you. I have also done this one a lot.
  • Quiz Yourself – Practice sample problems or even test yourself on the terms that you know will be on your test.

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