What’s in my Backpack?

Hi guys!


For whatever reason, these are one of my favorite posts to read. Probably because I am a nosy person, but I just like to know what people keep in their bags. So I thought that I would do a what’s in my backpack post  for you guys. I have been wanting to do a purse one for a little while now, but since school started I thought I’d do a backpack one since I am using that just as much, if not more.

I got this backpack for Christmas and I like it a lot. It is so ergonomic for the things I keep in there. I don’t know what it’s called or anything like that, I just know that it is a Vera Bradley bag and is the one with this wonderful pattern.



There are just those two pockets and the bigger one fits a lot more that it looks like but the little one is pretty small.



Inside the main part, I have:

  • Planner – It’s just the free one that my school gives out
  • My networking notebookTo study for my exam that’s on Friday
  • 3 Subject notebook – for taking notes and such, this one is cool because it came with dividers so that you can make your own sections
  • Lappy Toppy – kind of essential for a CIS major, and you know, blogging and music and killing time between classes
  • A Folder – to hold allllll my loose papers (there’s only like two things in there right now
  • So many pens are scattered along the bottom of the bag
  • Gloves – because it is currently 7 degrees here with no hope of warmth any time soon
  • Miir water bottle – I carry this thing around with my everywhere, it’s so awesome, AND it’s for a really good cause, check out the linky for IMG_2017more!
  • Trail Mix – This stuff keeps me energized and is a healthy choice and it is really yummy! It has been in my bag for the past week and is still half full.
    • Buying a bag of trail mix is an easy way to save money and avoid over spending on unhealthy food on campus




Inside the littler pocket I have:

  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Flash drive
  • EOS lip balm 
  • MIO energy in black cherry flavor
  • Pink highlighter
  • An organic fruit twist snack 
  • Japanese Cherry blossom body spray, from Bath and Body Works

And, that’s everything I carry around. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring or anything like that, but if you’re anything like me, then this was your time to snoop!

Hope you all have a good week at school!


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