Birthday Dinner + Rant

Okay Guys, I just got home and boy, do I have a story to tell!

So, today was my Dad’s birthday so we (my parents and my brother) went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to Ichiban, a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse. Its a really awesome place and something that everyone in the family loves a lot. It is one of those places where multiple parties sit at the same table. I have been there many many times and have never had a problem with the other people before, they are usually nice people.

Not today.


These people were so rude we couldn’t even believe it.

A little bit else about the meal. Today was our waitresses’s first day and she was so nice and positive the entire time and she had to put up with so much I don’t know how she did it but she was awesome the entire time.

Also, there was another party of 45 people in the room next to us, so they were a little back up and running slower than usual. This is something that I understand and it is annoying, especially when you’re starving and you have to wait so long but I don’t particularly think that it was appropriate to call over the manager and demand free appetizers and drinks. They just could have been a little bit nicer in my opinion.

They (I am just going to refer to this other party as “they” because as a whole they all participated in these things as a whole.) So they did all sorts of things over the course of the dinner. First, they were making fun of the Japanese and the Asian culture as a whole. It probably shouldn’t have bothered me so much but we are in a really nice restaurant and they were being really loud about it and I thought it was so rude. Have a little respect, man. They were saying things like “all Asian cultures are the same but it doesn’t matter anyways” and they even san the song “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these”. Yeah. THAT song, remember when you were younger and dumb immature kids sang that song? Yeah, only these are grown ass drunk adults embarrassing themselves.

This one guy kept getting up and impersonating the chef and that is just plain rude. You’re not funny, no one is laughing at you.

These women kept complaining about how horrible the service was and how they hated having to wait so long and that they are going to go to yelp and leave horrible reviews so that no one comes back. They kept saying how they come all the time and how they aren’t going to come anymore and blah blah blah. It was extra obnoxious because they were talking in that semi-yelly drunk voice and disrupting everyone else who could have been having a decent time.

To me, this was not the time or place  for that kind of behavior.

They were getting to the point where they were just drunk and acting over the top without regard to anyone else around them. I have never witnessed restaurant workers (waitress, Hibachi chef, manager) be treated so poorly. I mean come on, can;t we all be decent humans?

Meanwhile, my family and I were sitting at the other side of the table completely appalled. We did not want any part of them and basically just wanted to leave. We were all so annoyed and my brother insisted that they were talking about him.

Other than those people, we had a really good dinner. The food was fantastic and delicious like usual. I got the steak and scallops and fried rice and it came with vegetables. I love their food so much, I could literally eat the fried rice all day. (I wanted to take pictures, but I totally forgot, sorry guys)

After dinner, they came out and sang their happy birthday do my dad and brought out a cupcake with a candle on it. It was pretty nice.

So, here’s where it gets a little bit weird.

They must have felt bad that they sort of ruined our dinner because they offered to pay for our entire meal, which was pretty close to two hundred dollars between all of us.

Like what??

We were all really baffled and at first thought it was a joke but then after we talked to the waitress who was REALLY nice and said that they were really insisting on paying for it. My mom was hesitant about it at first we ended up leaving with them paying for the bill and we are never seeing those assholes again.

On the car ride home, we were talking about how baffled and shocked we were that that was even a thing that even happened.

Moral of the story: be a good human and pay it forward.


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