There are Two Types of B+’s is College

There are two types of B+’s in college, and this past semester I earned both of them.


The first type is when you earn a B+ in a class that is super easy and you could have gotten an A but for whatever reason you didn’t. 

This happened to me in my Systems Analysis class. Last semester, this was my favorite class, I liked the professor a lot and met a bunch of awesome people in there that I became friends with and actually learned a bunch of awesome information that I will actually carry with me when I find a job in my field.

It was one of those classes where I really thought I was going to get an A. It was mainly focused on group projects and quizzes that I thought I had done pretty well on. The tricky thing is that my professor for whatever reason, didn’t post the grades online like other professors normally do. Which is kind of a draw back but not the reason for the B.

At the end of the class, after the grades were given, I saw that I got a B+ and was shocked, because I really was expecting an A. I looked back at the assignments and realized that I had forgotten to do one of the online assignments in the midst of the busy end of semester stuff and it brought me down to a B+.   Oooops!

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter at all, but it is just frustrating to know that was why, because it is not like me to forget about things like that.


The second type of B+ is where you are in a super hard class and are struggling so much the entire time, but you buckle down and try your absolute best and study your ass off and manage to pull off a B+.

(that explanation could have been shorter, but you get the point)

This also happened to me last semester in my Networking Class. I tried so hard it was legitimately the most challenging class of my life and was thrilled to see that I earned a B+. I talked about this class here and here.

I struggled so much throughout this class, it seemed like no matter how hard I tried I was never good enough. I just wasn’t able to take in the information.

I studied and studied for a week straight until all I could think about was the OSI layers and each of the functions and the protocols that went along with them. When it was finally time for the exam (which was taken online) it took it the best I could and was somewhat confident in passing, hit confirm and then the unthinkable happened, THE TEST WOULDN’T SUBMIT BECAUSE OF A SERVER PROBLEM. So I had to wait until next semester to re-take the exam and study all over again.

So, I studied and studied and studied some more and took my exam (last Friday)

You can ask anyone around me in my real life, I studied SO much leading up to the final exam (both of them). I was so stressed out, I have never been so stressed about a test, I was so afraid of failure, I couldn’t handle not doing well enough to pass.

I have never been so happy in my entire life to get a 73.4 on an exam in my life. I was elated and so happy because that grade was good enough to put my grade at a B+. Walking out of the room, I couldn’t stop smiling.



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