Paint Night


My mom and I went to Paint Night at Painting with a Twist tonight and it was so much fun. I surprised myself.

Basically, there is a picture and an artist there to go along step by step teaching you how to paint the picture. Everyone had so many variations but everyone had the same basic theme. Blue and white background with a tree with flowers in the foreground. To make it even more fun you can bring drinks and snacks and there is music and all that jazz too. There was even a girl there celebrating her birthday!

This was my first time actually painting a real thing on a canvas and everything like that. It was so much fun and it turned out so much better than I thought it would be.

I think that this is such a cute idea to do. It is something different that you don’t get to do everyday. Do you guys have anything similar to Painting with a Twist where you live?

Just thought that I would share this because it turned out to be such a good night! Plus my mom and I had some quality mother daughter bonding time, which was nice because that rarely happens anymore.

Alrighty then, well goodnight lovleys hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!


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