Just a Little Rant About Winter.

I have 4 words for you:

I. Hate. The. Cold.

Here is 3 more:

Snow. Also. Sucks.

I am so over the snow and having to bundle up every time I want to step foot outside. I dread leaving the house for this very reason. Here’s a visual, the snow in front of my house is taller than my mailbox, like not the snowbank from the plows but the actual snow throughout the entire front yard, we even have to shovel a path for my poor doggy since it is too tall for her to walk in.

I am currently swaddled in four blankets trying this post with freezing finger tips because it is impossible for me to feel warm anymore. I am always telling my family members how cold it is but they say it is just me and are rarely too keen on turning up the heat.

My fingers have those nasty peely hangnails on them and my lips are chronically chapped and my skin is dry and broken out its horrible.

It is so dry in my house, too. I think I need a de-humidifier or something. I know this because when we shower now,  the mirrors no longer fog or anything.

You probably could have guessed by now but I really hate the cold. Like really a lot hate the cold. So much. I need to move to a warm place. I miss the sun. 😦 Just thinking about the spring makes me feel happy. Ahhh

There is really no end in sight.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.05.10 PM


Okay, I will end my ranty post here so I can get ready for a lovely evening with my boyfriend.

Gosh, I am so annoying, sorry for ranting! Stay Warm! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Just a Little Rant About Winter.

  1. No, your rants aren’t annoying, they’re entertaining to read! I also happen to agree with you; I especially have not enjoyed this winter and can’t wait for it to end! So to me, your post is spot-on. 🙂

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