50 Random Facts About Me

I have seen these lately and thought that it would be fun to give it a try. I feel like it is going to be hard but I think that this is going to be fun especially since I feel like I haven’t been posting very well lately.


  1. I am graduating in May and I am more scared than anything else.
  2. I am going to paint night again tonight!
  3. I love the ocean, I need to go back this summer.
  4. Pandas are my favorite animal, I love them so much.
  5. Elephants are a close second.
  6. I have been in a terrible slump lately and have been extremely unmotivated to do anything (including) and it is getting to be a problem. 😦
  7. Just making this post is making me feel accomplished.
  8. I am going to start posting more, I promise!
  9. I hate the cold.
  10. I am super thirsty, but am too lazy to go get something to drink.
  11. Even though I am 20, I still cannot swallow pills. I am a baby.
  12. As a whole I would rate college as a 6/10.
  13. I have been obsessed with watching Gilmore Girls lately.
  14. Last week I finally upgraded my phone from an iphone 4 to an LG G3 and I love it so much more!
  15. I feel like I constantly miss my boyfriend even if it has only been a few days since we have seen each other. I am such a pathetic girl.
  16. I love my puppy. She is currently laying on my feet.
  17. I really want a tattoo, but I am too indecisive to pick.
  18. My guilty pleasure is reading/watching “What’s in my purse” posts because I am so nosy. I did a backpack post but I have always wanted to do a purse one.
  19. I woke up with a headache and everything has sucked since.
  20. I genuinely feel that I am a burden to those around me, so I often keep to myself a little more than I should at times.
  21. I am a cancer and my personality fits the bill!
  22. Currently watching “Love it or List it” in the background.
  23. My favorite colors are sea-foam green and coral.
  24. Normally though, my favorite colors will change by the day, changing from blue to green, but I think that 23 will remain true.
  25. Woooooaaaaahhhh! We’re halfway there! I sing this song a lot in real life on occasions where we are halfway there.
  26. Toms are my favorite shoe brand ever. If I could I would wear them every day. I got the boots for Christmas and they are soo awesome! Plus I have two other pairs, purple lace ones and a blue pair with silver stars. I want all of them haha. Plus, they give one for one, so that’s awesome, too.
  27. If you are still reading this, then you ROCK. Give yourself a high 5 because I love you.
  28. I REALLY want to go to so many concerts this year. I NEED to have something to look forward to. Not having anything to look forward to really is depressing.
  29. I know it has only been two months but 2015 has been quite drab so far. That needs to change soon
  30. I have been looking into virtual internships since those offer a larger amount of opportunities than where I live. If you have any knowledge of these  please let me know, I would love some wisdom about them!
  31. I plan on taking a road trip this year, don’t ask me about any details because I don’t know!
  32. I am what one would call a “baseball sister” because most of the time my family life revolves around my brother’s baseball games, tournaments and practices.
  33. Give me tiramisu and I will love you forever.
  34. I am currently reading To all of the Boys I Have Loved Before. If this book were a movie, it would be a chicky flick but I think those books are good to read sometimes!
  35. I am now questioning why I wanted to do this kind of a post.
  36. I miss my friends.
  37. I sometimes have a horrible time “forgiving and forgetting”, I tend to hold onto certain things.
  38. I really need to update my makeup. Almost all of the things I use on a daily basis are basically empty. I especially need a new concealer and a new mascara. If you guys have any certain brands you love, let me know!
  39. I could probably eat pizza every day if I had to with no complaints.
  40. Outside of a few of my friends and my boyfriend, no one in real life knows that I have a blog.
  41. Even though Christmas time is over this is still one of my favorite posts, I worked hard on it and I like everything on it a lot.
  42. Lately, when I am bored at school, waiting for my classes, I go on freerice.com. It is really awesome because you get to build your vocabulary and then they donate rice to hungry people around the world.
  43. I am one of the geekiest people I know I get excited about so many things, especially computer-y things. I feel like the biggest nerd in my server class. hehe.
  44. I LOVE puns. I am very punny!
  45. I have hazel eyes but I think they look gray and bleak.
  46. My hair is getting super long, I was thinking about chopping it off and donating it this summer and then maybe even getting a makeover after graduation. I still have to think about the whole makeover thing though!
  47. Sunflowers and daisies are my favorite flowers.
  48. I can’t wait for warmer weather! I can’t wait to bust out my dresses and summer-y clothes!
  49. I am all about green smoothies!
  50. WE’RE DONE! If you are still here, give yourself a virtual hug for sticking with it the entire time. You’re so awesome!

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